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Ponaganset Hogwarts

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It's another year...You know what that means. Want to role-play? Let's get going!

School rolls around again! It's the most wonderful time of the year! If you'd like to be a part of the Hogwarts community, please sign up here! To roleplay as a student, take this quiz to find out your house. We'll tell you what house you can choose from, and then you pick your character!
To apply for a teacher, basically recommend a teacher you'd like to play and give a short reason why you want to play that teacher. We are currently accepting all positions for teachers. To see a list of open positions, look at the list below.!

Look below for rules...

Rules and Regulations


Ponaganset Hogwarts

By decree of Albus Dumbledore and the Ministry of Magic

*In order to ensure a successful year at Ponaganset Hogwarts, we at the Ministry of Magic must lay forth these rules and regulations to assure the well-being of all students and teachers, as well as the enjoyment of the original game.*

Student/Teacher (Role-player) Safety:

To ensure that each and every individual on this site is properly unknown, we don’t allow anyone to give out addresses (email or street) or names. To also convey the purpose of the game, you are to be your character in this, not yourself. If someone does give anything away, they will be disqualified. The younger players are more into this than anyone, and we don’t want anything ruined for them.

This site is known only to those it is sent/given to. No outsiders will be able to see this unless they have come to an agreement with the site owners, thus assuring safety.


NO SPAM!!! Another thing that is definitely NOT allowed on this site is crude/sexual humor or jokes. We have younger players! NO taunting others unless your character is intended to. (ie: a Draco/Harry relationship) There will be no arguing over characters, as well. You get what you get.

BE YOUR CHARACTER! If you choose a certain character, you MUST act like them. Hermione can’t act like Ron, and Draco can’t act like Hermione! Feel free to make your own personal webpages for your character to share with other students. ( is a good site to choose) You can post those sites in common room blogs, soon to be available!

As a student and/or teacher, you MUST complete all homework given or assign it when it is called for. Homework breaks and passes may be given to students who do an excellent job, and good examples of homework done by students can be posted in teacher’s classrooms. Each teacher has their own homepage and may customize it as they wish- this is where they will give their classes, homework help (if wanted), and post homework. This calls for people who have a creative side!


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Favorite Quotes

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The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.
-Henry David Thoreau

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