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I know what you're saying. What's Emblem Quest?
Let me put it this way: It's a book. Or, a book-to-be. It's in publication as of now, but it'll be worth the utter wait. Why is this even a site page?
I dunno. My sister made me put in one here. Tho, I guess I could say a little bit. Here goes.
Whose in it?
Well, I think I've told everyone I know who is ACTUALLY in it. But there's more. I think you know yourselves.
Nonetheless, I'll give you a list:
There's Dave, Alexandria, Ben, Jill, Rebekah, Dan, Andrew, Peter, Alex M, Alex C, Jess, Kristen, Bryant, Hannah, Mike, Cecelia, my family and theirs...Gosh. Could I say anymore?
I love my life and my friends. I'm happy with who I am in all manners. I started this thing in seventh grade, finished it in ninth. It's been a while, yeah, but I'm content. All the people in this story, down to the most minor of persons with a barely a name in the text, has played a special role in my life. I have to thank them for that, because they're my characters.
Yeah, it sounds corny, but if the book sells well...Well...I'll be utterly happy, and why? Because of my inspiration. There's a lot, but most of it is mainly the people. I'm glad to be a writer. I can express myself in words rather than body language. I'm glad my friends sponsor that. Thanks you guys, cuz I couldn't have written this without your help.
                                   You know who you are... 


Life's Odd- Live it you Your Best Ability